Chenin Blanc 2016

Without consulting my trusty Thesaurus, I am not entirely sure what the word unctuous means. However if I have ever tasted a wine that fits the word better or evokes the feeling of unctuousness more strongly, it has entirely slipped my mind. As thick as a peanut butter Dagwood sandwich and as sweet as an overaged cherub, this wine wraps itself around you like a well-worn tyre and will not release you unscathed.


Don’t be deceived by the somewhat pedestrian straw-gold hue, for while the colour may be reminiscent of the late afternoon sun in mid-winter, the wine itself is far more ebullient as it scrambles out of the glass like a Mexican jumping bean on long powerful legs. The nose is almost brutish in its pungency with aromas of shelf ripened apples, from a time when they were wrapped in brown paper and stored in the cellar for the winter months. Combining with this are the heady fragrance of elderflower and the essential oiliness of a lavender border freshly trimmed on a cool misty morning. Toasty elements of peach kernel sit alongside almond praline and rich butterscotch and honeycomb while hints of nashi pear and vanilla pod add spice to the warm embrace of rolled oats and show now sign of evanescence.


The palate struggles valiantly under the weight of flavours which flow thick and fast and has an almost syrupy appeal. Rough chopped pineapple and creamy honeysuckle threaten to envelope the tongue and are barely held in check by a full safety harness of citrus acidity. Like a home baked rhubarb pie, the slightly furry phenolics try to rub the taste buds up the wrong way and together with a tarty cranberry edge ensure the wine will cut through the sauciest of foods. An epic persistence in the finish is teased out by a meaty succulence and white pepper texture which leave the senses tingling for more.

Technical Information

Harvest Date               18 Apr 2016                             Residual Sugar            22.5g/l

Brix at Harvest            23.4                                           Bottling Date                 11 August 2016

Final Alcohol              12.9%                                        Release Date               1 November 2016

pH                                 2.91                                           Cellaring                        2-10 years

Total Acid                     8.25 g/l

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